By Margaret Lyons
November 17, 2009 at 07:02 PM EST

So…about last night’s House. The Great Cameron Exit (that felt a lot like previous Cameron exits)! Or “This Show’s Weaknesses, Now On Steroids.” There are things House does well, but “Teamwork” seemed to shine a too-bright spotlight on what the show can’t quite accomplish: Credible romantic relationships, dramatic exits, and meaningful progress or change from one Dr. Gregory House, M.D.

The Team I’ll admit that I am the strenuous opposite of Team Foreteen (which makes me either Negative Foreteen, or One Foreteenth! Math jokes!) and generally not a Thirteen person to begin with, which might be why House’s attempts to get the band back together rang so false to me. I like Taub an awful lot, but what exactly is the unexplored dramatic potential here? How many times will the show recreate the exact same story of an associate doc righteously leaving, only to be lured back in by House’s magnetism and the promise of challenging medical cases? A few more times, I guess. It’s just…I already watched the fourth season. I don’t need to relive it. Wasn’t House supposed to be turning over a new leaf, at least for him, this season? There was so much promise just squandered here.

Cuddy and Lucas Wilson’s one eyebrow furrow was more evocative and charming than an entire scene between these two. (Also, did Cuddy’s house, er, domicile, look ridiculously smoggy last night? I guess it was suppose to be moody, but sheesh.) I didn’t get them last week at all, and I get them even less now: Is he House-lite? I get why the writers want to put off a Huddy pairing for as long as possible, but I’m not buying this relationship at all.

Chase His Greasy Hair of Guilt is up there with David Silver’s Stupid Hat of Drugs. Take a shower, Chase.

Cameron’s exit Jennifer Morrison deserved a better send-off. House and Cameron’s complicated history has seen its fair share of teary monologues from her, which is why this one seemed so redundant: She loved him?! Yeah, we know. (“Honeymoon,” anyone?) And didn’t Cameron see House’s “dark side” when he convinced her to euthanize someone in “Informed Consent”? Hell, she’s even stuck out her hand awkwardly, only to be turned down, back in season one’s “Role Model.” (It’s at 6:09 in this video.)

Finally, haha, Thirteen has a fax machine.

What’d you think, PopWatchers? Was this the exit that made sense for Cameron, or did you want more for her?

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