Very distressing: If we hadn’t been following the mystery that is the development of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, we’d never know that Chuck‘s Zachary Levi has a role in it. He’s still missing in the latest trailer, which focuses more on David Cross, whose character Ian is now in cahoots with the Chipettes, the “Single Ladies”-singing girl group that serves as the trio’s nemesis. (Levi becomes the boys’ temporary guardian when his cousin Dave, still played by Jason Lee, is injured in a freak concert accident and sends them to school — where they somehow have the strength to give classmates wedgies and knock them out in a game of dodgeball.) Should Fox get Levi’s face on this film, stat? Or are we thinking that the movie’s target audience doesn’t give a crap about the “stars,” because their names are Alvin, Simon, and Theodore?