Sarah Palin launched her media tour to promote this week’s release of her book Going Rogue: An American Life by telling Oprah Winfrey that when she first heard of her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy, “Were we giddy-happy to be grandparents? No.” She said she “rewrote” the McCain campaign’s press release about that subject, but that she was overruled. This “annoyed” her, as did the McCain staff’s “makeover” of her and her family right down to the clothes they wore and the food Palin was advised to eat.

On the spotlight placed on her family: “I was naive to think the media would leave my kids alone.” She said Barack Obama enjoyed a “double-standard” in that regard, implying his family was left alone.

Oprah showed home-movie-quality film of Palin going to a gym work-out at home in Alaska, and preparing for Halloween with her children. In a voiceover, Palin said, “It’s nice not to be handled, if you will” — boy, does that McCain campaign still rankle her.

Over the course of the hour, Palin was coy regarding the vetting she received by the McCain staff: “I thought the only skeleton in my closet was that I got a ‘D’ in a college course.”

She was frank: “The economy tanked under a Republican administration and unfortunately for our ticket, we represented the status quo [at a time] when people wanted change.”

And she was withering and self-righteous on the subject of Levi Johnston: “I hear he goes by the name ‘Ricky Hollywood,'” she said sarcastically, but turned serious in referring to his current “media tour” as “aspiring porn,” and that he hasn’t seen his son Tripp “in quite a while.” By contrast, Palin said her 19 year-old daughter Bristol “has Tripp 24/7.”

Regarding her famous Katie Couric interview in which a clip showed her unable or unwilling to name a single newspaper she read, Palin told Oprah, “By the time she [asked that], I was already so annoyed… There were hours of tape that were shot… and I felt that no matter what I say, it will be twisted.”

Palin also referred to Couric as “the perky one… with all due respect.” Huh?

Asked whether she has plans to run for President in 2012, Palin deflected the question by saying her son Trig would “be entering kindergarten” then.

Oprah than said, “Would you even tell me if you were?”

Palin fixed Oprah with a steely gaze and smile. “No, I wouldn’t,” she said.

The Palinpalooza continues tomorrow morning, with Barbara Walters grilling the author on Good Morning America.