A rep for both Alec Baldwin and Katie Couric has responded to Sarah Palin’s comments about the actor and newswoman in her memoir, Going Rogue, which hits stands tomorrow. In her book, Palin talks about her Saturday Night Live appearance, in which she told Baldwin that “Your brother Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother.”

According to Rogue, Palin had other ideas for the skit, but they were all turned down several times. One of her suggestions was: “Hey, Baldwin, weren’t you supposed to leave the country after the last election?” Baldwin’s rep, however, says the reason that line was turned down was because the actor never claimed he was leaving the country if George W. Bush was re-elected. (Baldwin has repeatedly insisted the quote was fabricated.) “They nixed the joke because the underlying premise just wasn’t true, because he had never said [he was leaving the country],” Baldwin’s rep, Matthew Hiltzik, tells EW on behalf of Baldwin. “It’s a complete fallacy. But then, once Palin knew that, after telling her [it wasn’t true], she said, ‘Well, let’s say it anyway,’ like she needed it to be true.”

As for Couric’s response to Palin’s memoir — in which the former Alaska governor claims the newswoman was “badgering” during their infamous September interview — Hiltzik says, “The interview speaks for itself.”