The audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live is off to a strong lead in the competition for Most Inappropriate Response to a Double Entendre Uttered by a New Moon Lead. Kimmel’s interview with Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson won’t air until Friday, the night the film opens, but Hulu has posted an excerpt. In it, Kimmel asks Lautner about his physical transformation. Did you hear he gained 30 lbs. for the film?! I’m tired of typing that, can’t imagine how Lautner feels having to repeat it. Perhaps that’s why he’s trying to vary his answers and producing quotes like this one…The hardest thing about bulking up wasn’t the workouts, but the eating, Lautner says. “Eating a lot, but also putting something in my mouth every two hours.” Cue squeals!

Reminder:Jay Leno’scrowd gets its chance to behave badly tonight when Lautner stops by, as does Conan O’Brien’s, who’ll be treated to Kristen Stewart. We’ll be blogging both appearances.

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