The Wanda Sykes Show, week two: Eight minutes of righteous jokes about passing a health care bill, then using a clip from the Steve McQueen movie The Blob, re-titled “Obama Care,” to obliterate the jokes that had preceded it. The points she made were salient. Funny? Not especially.

I liked Sykes’ Sammy Sosa jokes more than the ones George Lopez made on his new talk show earlier in the week. Commenting on the media chatter about Sosa’s skin appearing lighter, Sykes sidekick, Keith Robinson, said, “He looks like Cab Calloway now.” “He just needs a zoot suit,” added Sykes. I always like people with a sense of history.

But “WandaRama,” her version of “Weekend Update,” contained so many vagina jokes she re-named it, for this week, “VaginaRama” — the re-naming was funnier than the jokes about the body-part.

For her weekly panel discussion-with-drinking, Sykes had Tom Joyner, John Salley, and Cougar Town’s Ian Gomez talking at length about the upcoming series The Jackson: A Family Dynasty. Salley opined that Joe Jackson deserves a chunk of money from Michael’s estate. This isn’t Meet The Press or Tavis Smiley, John — there was supposed to be some humor in there.

Things got a little livelier during their discussion of medical marijuana. “I have to admit, I have rolled a joint in some tampon paper,” said Wanda. To which Joyner responded, “That’s alright, but when you start rolling your weed in the paper from the Bible, that’s wrong.”

Once again: Good for Sykes for raising subjects that other talk shows don’t grapple with as aggressively. Too bad she’s still not making the talk-show format a good showcase for her humor.

Did you watch?