The Internet can be a perplexing place, especially for those just getting their feet wet. I can only imagine what newbies make of Keyboard Cat, Numa Numa, and All Your Base Are Belong to Us — it must be akin to deciphering a foreign language. Thankfully, there’s a super-uber-duper website called Know Your Meme, which has taken it upon itself to educate the masses about viral videos, image macros, web celebrities, and other online oddities. The site publishes weekly videos that document a single Internet phenomenon’s history, cultural significance, and why it went viral in the first place. And the site’s team of “scientists” are both perceptive and witty — a true Internet rarity!

Below is Know Your Meme‘s latest episode (with guest host “Weird Al” Yankovic) on the endlessly parodied Auto Tune software:

And after the jump, episodes for David After Dentist and Three Wolf Moon await. Have you guys been to this site? What do you think?