By Annie Barrett
Updated November 15, 2009 at 04:51 PM EST

Sorry, PopWatchers — you’re gonna have to kick off your Sunday with a shot of Gilles Marini in a towel. I’m really sorry about that. EW got an early peek at Gilles’ ass…ets on the next two episodes of FX’s Nip/Tuck. Starting Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Sex and the City star will appear as the new husband of Vanessa Redgrave’s recurring character, Erica (Julia’s mother).”He’s a little bit younger, not too too young,” explains Gilles, who filmed the episodes just before he started twirling around in purple chiffon on Dancing With the Stars, season 7. His Nip/Tuck character, Renaldo, is nothing like Luc, the sensitive artist/lover he’s currently playing opposite Rachel Griffiths on Brothers & Sisters. “This one is very, very bad,” warns Gilles. “He’s a player. He has an agenda. It’s Nip/Tuck — you have to expect that. You can assume fights, you can assume drama, you can assume Oh no he didn’t! That’s pretty much it.”

I’m trying to decide which of Marini’s best euro-sexy first names has been so far: Dante, Renaldo, or Luc. Oh screw that, I’m just gonna go with Gilles. Or, as Samantha Harris would pronounce it: Zheeeeeeeeeeel.

Check out this week’s issue of EW for even more First Looks.

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