When I go to the YouTube homepage, I don’t often look at the “Recommended For You” videos that YouTube has so kindly selected for me. But I looked at the assortment this morning, and I wonder just who YouTube thinks I am.

“Spicy Padma!”??

Okay, I do watch Top Chef, so I guess that makes sense, but this clip only reminds be how irritated I am with the celebrities this season who hobble the challenges with their no-meat, no-wheat, no-flavor diets. (Natalie Portman in this clip; Zooey Deschanel’s incredibly annoying, just-some-pocket-lint-with-protein-please restrictions.)

But this is the clip YouTube thought I’d be most interested in this morning. WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE:

I don’t know anything about cars; I’m not in the market for one. Maybe YouTube thought it would appeal to some inner rage in me I wasn’t aware of. In any case, weird… and kind of vintage-interesting. Thanks, YouTube.

Do you ever watch the YouTube videos it “recommends”?