I feels like there’s an entire class of TV show that people only watch when they go to visit family. One of the ways my dad and I interact when I go home is by watching gearhead marathons. I’ve spent hours and (consecutive) hours watching shows like American Chopper, Street Customs, and Overhaulin’series I never watch on my own, but fall into like a beloved habit when I cross my parents’ threshold. I got a sneak peek at what I’ll no doubt be watching over the holidays: the new TLC reality special Family Armor, (premiering Nov. 19) about a large Mormon family in San Antonio who runs Texas Armoring Corporation, a company that custom bullet-proofs vehicles for celebrities, heads of state, and regular old people who’ve got something to fear. So picture lots of explosions, gunfire, and a baby-faced CEO who says things like, “It’s not about Big Love. It’s tough love.”

So, tell me: What are your TV shows that you only watch when you’re with your parents?