Blindside may be the most overused word in the Survivor lexicon, but it certainly applies to what happened to Kelly Sharbaugh. The 25-year-old hottie hairstylist was sent packing from Survivor: Samoa after Russell busted out his second Hidden Immunity Idol. Now, Kelly joins Survivor: China‘s Courtney Yates and me on the latest episode of Survivor Talk to chat all about her ouster. Here’s a shocker: She’s not a fan of Russell! But her harshest words are actually reserved for her former tribemate (and current chairperson of Mullets Intl.), Shambo. To see all the dissing and dismissing, and to find out what finally stopped the tears that were shed after she was voted off, click on the video below. And to get all the Survivor scoop and random pop culture ramblings sent right to your virtual door, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.