Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer gave her one and only interview in the run-up to New Moon‘s Nov. 20 release to Oprah Winfrey this afternoon. And from the screams that met Oprah’s introduction—”I understand we have some Twilight fans in the house”—it was clear that Meyer was on home turf. At this point, her back story is familiar to even casual observers: Exhausted, stay-at-home mother of three who’s never even written a short story dreams about a vampire boy and a human girl one night and just runs with it. But it was only during this chat with Oprah that I realized how much Meyer really hits the talk show’s sweet spot when it comes to female-centric stories about reconnecting with yourself. Said the preternaturally youthful looking Meyer about raising kids: “A lot of who I was and my crazy imagination…that person was on the back-burner.” The rest of the segment was as you’d expect: Complete box sets of the novels were given away willy-nilly to gasps. Robert Pattinson’s allure was discussed to screams. (“He smells great,” said Meyer. But that’s not what we heard.) And Oprah noted that the reason she read Twilight in the first place was because the girls at her South African school had urged her to, pronouncing it “delicious” reading.

Meyer did reveal one bit of news: That her original ending for New Moon was much quieter, until her mother urged her to jazz it up some. The result? Meyer moved up the first confrontation with the Volturi, which is now her favorite sequence in the movie.

Did you watch the interview? What did you think? And are you now more or less excited for New Moon?

Update: In response to your comments: I also noticed they teased the question “Would there be a fifth book?” and then never answered. A rep at Harpo Productions has now responded to our query about the teaser, explaining the question was a victim of time: “It’s a live show, so sometimes they don’t get to every question.” (See Harpo’s full response.) The answer to the teased question is now included in a video clip of additional questions for Stephenie Meyer on Oprah’s website.

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