How does Sarah Palin feel about the whole election process now that a year has passed? I don’t know, Alaska.

According to the AP, which apparently managed to procure an early copy of the vice-presidential candidate’s memoir Going Rogue, she’s not very happy with how everything went down. In the book, due out next Tuesday, she claims that the John McCain political machine straight-talk-expressed her and left her with $50,000 in legal bills from the vetting process. Additionally, she avers that the campaign had kept her “bottled up,” exercising complete control over her image and message and even going so far as to refuse her changes to the press release regarding her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy. The McCain camp has denied asking Palin to pay any costs related to vetting, stating that they are unaware of any personal expenses she may have incurred.

Palin also dedicates a good deal of ink to the infamous Katie Couric interview, branding the CBS anchor as “badgering” and as having a “partisan agenda.” Interestingly, though, the book also mentions that the campaign shared a New York stylist with Couric.

AP is calling the tone of Rogue, which was written with Lynn Vincent, “folksy” and “homespun,” which is probably to be expected from the woman who returned “Golly-gee!” and “Don’t cha know?” to the national lexicon for the first time since Fargo.

What do you think? Do you find the former governor’s allegations surprising? Do you plan to read her book?