Moviegoers give ''The Box'' an F -- The latest from the ''Donnie Darko'' director gets one of the lowest CinemaScore grades ever

Here’s one report card unlikely to get displayed on anyone’s fridge. Last weekend, The Box — the Cameron Diaz/James Marsden sci-fi thriller from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly — earned straight Fs across all age groups from CinemaScore, the research company that polls moviegoers as they exit theaters on opening weekend. (The movie’s studio, Warner Bros., declined to comment on the failing marks, which essentially guarantee a deadly decline from The Box‘s already disappointing $7.6 million debut.) As Hollywood milestones go, that’s quite a dubious distinction. In the past six years, only three other films flunked out so spectacularly: Bug, Darkness, and Wolf Creek. Even turkeys like this year’s All About Steve (the Sandra Bullock-Bradley Cooper vehicle that our own Lisa Schwarzbaum described as a ”creepy, humiliating ‘comedy”’ back in September) managed to eke out a C+ average. ”Our system is: A is good, B is average, C is bad. So you can imagine what Ds and Fs are,” CinemaScore president Ed Mintz tells EW. ”That’s because we’re polling opening-night audiences, people who really wanted to see the movie. If they give it an F, something’s wrong.”