Jennifer Lopez, David Letterman, and Britney Spears were in the news the week of November 13

White Collar‘s Tiffani Thiessen, 35, and actor husband Brady Smith, 37, are expecting their first child in May.

The Practice star Marla Sokoloff, 28, wed musician Alec Puro, 34, on Nov. 8 in Beverly Hills.

Dancing With the StarsJulianne Hough, 21, and country singer Chuck Wicks, 30, have broken up after more than a year of dating, a source told on Nov. 10.

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 62, announced Nov. 10 that he has chronic myeloid leukemia, which he is treating with medication…. The Golden GirlsRue McClanahan, 75, had bypass surgery on Nov. 4 in NYC. According to her rep, the surgery was a success, and the actress was scheduled to leave the hospital on Nov. 12.

Who knew lip-synching was so taboo Down Under? In anticipation of a Nov. 6 show by Britney Spears, 27, in Perth, Australia, local politicians suggested that concertgoers should be warned when a performance contains prerecorded material. On Nov. 7, singer John Mayer, 32, who was promoting his album in the country, entered the debate via Twitter: ”If you’re shocked that Britney was lip-syncing and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you.”

In Michael Jackson news this week: On Nov. 10, an L.A. judge dismissed the request of Joe Jackson, 81, who had asked the court to disqualify the two executors who are temporarily controlling the estate of his late son. The judge ruled that Jackson, who was omitted from Michael’s will, had ”no standing” to challenge it. On Nov. 6, Jackson also asked to receive a monthly allowance of at least $15,000 from the estate; the judge will consider that matter on Dec. 10…. Meanwhile, according to court papers unsealed Nov. 10 in L.A., the September funeral for the singer, held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif., cost his estate about $1 million. Of that amount, Jackson’s interment cost $590,000, while $150,000 went toward the services of the Glendale Police Department.

The Jonas Brothers had to cancel a Nov. 7 concert in Zurich, Switzerland, after lead singer Nick, 17, came down with an upper respiratory infection.

No Doubt, led by Gwen Stefani, 40, are suing videogame developer Activision for ”improper” use of the band’s likeness in the recently released Band Hero, according to papers filed Nov. 4 in L.A. The suit alleges that Activision ”transformed No Doubt into a virtual karaoke circus act” by letting players use the band’s members to perform songs written by other musicians, rather than just the three songs the band says it agreed to. Activision said the suit is without merit.

Turns out Oprah Winfrey, 55, isn’t the only one allowed to have ”aha moments.” On Oct. 21, the insurance company Mutual of Omaha settled its lawsuit with Winfrey’s Harpo Productions. Harpo had asked Mutual, which calls itself a ”proud sponsor of life’s aha moments,” to stop using the slogan since Winfrey uses the phrase ”aha moments” on her show. Mutual countered with a suit, arguing that it had received a preliminary trademark for the slogan. Details of the settlement were not disclosed, but a spokesman for Mutual told EW that ”future advertising will use the term ‘aha moments.”’…Morgan Freeman, 72, has settled a lawsuit regarding a 2008 car accident that left him with a broken arm and elbow, and his passenger with assorted injuries, according to a court record filed Nov. 5 in Oxford, Miss. The passenger, Demaris Meyer, filed the suit against the actor in February, alleging that Freeman had been negligent at the wheel. Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

Shel Dorf, 76, who founded a convention in 1970 that ultimately became San Diego Comic-Con, died Nov. 3 in San Diego from complications related to diabetes.
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Jennifer Lopez Takes Her Ex to Court. Again.
Some marriages continue to have trouble even after they end. On Nov. 6, Jennifer Lopez filed a lawsuit against first husband Ojani Noa, who she claims violated a confidentiality agreement when he began shopping around a video of the duo in late October. According to the $10 million lawsuit, Noa had been trying to secure a buyer for a mockumentary to be titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J. Lo and Ojani Noa Story, as well as home video that runs for more than 11 hours and depicts the singer in ”sexual situations” while on her 1997 honeymoon with Noa. (The couple split in 1998.) The singer’s camp says Noa’s actions directly conflict with a 2004 confidentiality agreement that forbids him to divulge details of their relationship. And this isn’t the first time Noa has been accused of breaching the agreement — back in 2006, he threatened to write a tell-all about their relationship before a judge killed the book and awarded Lopez more than $500,000 in compensation. Luckily for Lopez, things seem to be leaning her way once again: On Nov. 9, a judge in L.A. temporarily barred Noa from releasing the footage during the case. (The movie’s producer says the lawsuit will not stop their film from going forward — and that the personal footage was never intended for sale.) The courts will rule Dec. 1 on whether Noa broke his confidentiality agreement.
Kate Ward

Letterman Suspect Asks for Dismissal
Almost two months after David Letterman came clean about his affairs with female staffers, Robert Joel Halderman, the former CBS News producer accused of attempting to extort $2 million from the Late Show host, appeared in an NYC courtroom Nov. 10, seeking a dismissal of the case. Halderman’s attorney, Gerald Shargel, contends that his client’s actions were not criminal and that the $2 million was merely the fair market value of the screenplay Halderman was penning about Letterman’s affairs. Shargel told reporters outside the courthouse: ”There was no extortion. This was a commercial transaction, nothing more.” A judge will rule on the motion at the next hearing, scheduled for Jan. 19.
Archana Ram