By Tanner Stransky
November 13, 2009 at 02:11 PM EST

This season of Gossip Girl may have been a touch disappointing so far, but never fear, fellow fans! Monday’s episode promises at least a smidge of excitement when pop superstar Lady Gaga performs! The CW has released a super-short preview of the performance, which you can watch here:

Love that she’s doing “Bad Romance”—which couldn’t be more perfect as a nod to all the twisted relationships on the show. Love that crunky, wild hair. And love the ginormousness of her dress, which literally required the Gaga to be lifted into the sky before it’d fall without being bunched at the ground. Love.

But I’m concerned about Blair, who pops up momentarily as an audience member in this clip. Why are you so forlorn looking? (And why are you holding a candle?) Gaga shows are a place where you dance and, well, smile! Have a little fun! I did while watching this. PopWatchers, you loving the Gossip Girl-Gaga marriage? Excited to see the full performance (assuming it’s longer in the episode) on Monday?

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