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Okay to this weeks episode…


Little ole Natalie is really coming of age out in Samoa.

Natalie killing the rat is one of my favorites moments of all time. It’s wrong on so many levels but never ever fails to make me stop what I am doing and watch.

If you pitched this as the opening scene to a new Wes Craven horror movie, you’d sell the idea in the room:

Extremely attractive twenty-something blonde wearing a skimpy golden-roped string bikini is wandering through the woods alone. Tired. Scared. Reallllly hungry. She encounters a rat scrounging for food. So as not to alert the rat or mess up her pedicure, she tip toes through the jungle inching closer and closer to her prey. Silently picking up a large stick she hammers the rat to death with one strong blow.

Natalie: “It was really hard for me because he was looking at me.. he was cute… but I’ve never been this hungry in my entire life.”

Therein lies one of the most beautiful things about Survivor. If forces people to confront truths about themselves they might otherwise never have to face. Think about what you witnessed. A pretty little pharmaceutical sales rep walking barefoot thru the jungle, in a bikini, whacking a rat until it’s dead. That’s not normal behavior.

I believe it was difficult for Natalie to kill the rat and I also believe she never second- guessed it. She had never been so h-u-n-g-r-y in her entire life. Who knows how far she would have gone for a burger.

YES, that will most definitely be a part of the live Survivor: Samoa Reunion show on CBS Sunday, December 20th in Los Angeles.


The Sliding Rocks are one of those amazing natural wonders that you often find in the most unlikely of places. They were as fun as they looked, both for adults and for kids and I think it’s one of those moments the Survivors will probably only appreciate years from now when they look back and remember the time they spent in that beautiful little pocket of the world.

But let’s be clear, as fun as the rocks are they’re not nearly as much fun as sliding down a hillside built on a million one-dollar bills… that is always the ultimate goal in this game.


While the Galu gang was sliding down the rocks, frolicking in the water and eating chocolate brownies, Russell was putting himself one step closer to the million dollars doing what he does better than anybody in the history of this game… finding another HIDDEN immunity idol without the help of a clue.

You need not waste any time responding to this blog about how I give Russell too much credit. I won’t respond. Nobody has ever done what he is doing. So smart and so obvious when you think about it. Of course the idol has to be somewhere that is somewhat easy to find, because we want it to found. If we hid it in the middle of nowhere people wouldn’t find it even with 20 clues. We just have never had anybody take the initiative to start looking without the clue. It’s really quite brilliant. Like it or not, the pirate with the missing tooth continues to reinvent the game.

Come on, just admit it – Russell is growing on you a little bit, right?

I’m still shaking my head because in many ways it reminds me of Richard Hatch in season one. It’s as though the rest of the players are playing a different game. It certainly doesn’t mean he’ll win or even make it to the end but there is no denying he is playing a different game than anybody else.

INSIGHT: While we’re on the subject of hidden immunity idols. A lot of people have been asking me why I have not been asking “If anybody has the idol and you want to play it now is the time to do so…” before I read the votes. Here’s why – this season the clues have all been secretive. So there is no way for me to be certain that everybody knows there is an idol in play. Therefore, I can never ask for them to play it at tribal council because I might be giving something away.

That is why every Survivor is told before the game begins that regardless whether I ask for it or not, if they want to play the idol I will always pause before reading the votes giving them ample time to stand up and declare their intention to play it.


Regardless whether you like the way Laura is playing or not, you have to give her credit. She is a smart and scrappy player who is holding her own in challenges. Individual challenges are one of the great elements of the game. You have the chance to save yourself and if you’re good enough, nobody can stop you.

Laura came through in a big way and clearly had no idea how desperately she needed immunity. Had she not won, she would have been voted out and Kelly would still be in the game.

I also enjoy Laura’s cocky swagger. She doesn’t pretend anything. When she’s feeling it she says it. I dig it.


I think Dave should publish a book filled with witty comments and observations on life. I’d read anything he wanted to write. My favorite from this week:

Dave Ball: “And as soon as we burn all the Foa Foa’s we kill a chicken. (flashes a peace sign) I’m not sharing with anybody who isn’t purple.”


It was a bummer to see Kelly go, as she was a bit of an innocent bystander. But when you’re playing the “quiet” game that can happen.

Coming into tribal council Galu was clearly cocky, but they damn sure did not leave with the same confidence.

When Russell stood up to play the idol once again, the reactions of Kelly, Dave, Monica and Laura were solid gold.

As I continued to read Russell votes, you could feel the Galu tribe growing anxious… wondering… whose name (from Galu) was going to come up on the parchment.

When Kelly saw her name, she knew it was over.

Goodbye dreads. Loved having you and you will be missed, although I’m sure Erik is excited you’re sticking around to be on the jury.

So… it’s now 6-4. Or is it 5-5? There’s another idol in play. What are the odds that Russell can do it again? If not, are his days numbered?

Look forward to your thoughts. I’m gonna go replay the rat scene one more time before bed.

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