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The fourth season of Glee was full of ups and downs, but one consistent bright spot was Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, who stretched her wings…
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You’re here. I’m here. Tyra exists. The cast of Glee is on an episode of The Tyra Show starting right this second. I was gonna watch the entire thing and then summarize it later, but then it would post at like 5:40, and what would be the point? If you’re a true Gleek, you’d just want to throw a slushie in my face for not telling you sooner. Anyway. Turn it on. I’ll just comment as it happens and you should too — just be sure to sing everything you type in an over-ambitious run before you post it. Ha, it’s a Friday afternoon — I’ll probably end up dancing with myself. That’s okay. Countdown to Tyra finding ways to relate Glee to herself in 3…2…make it fashion…

4:00 OMG they’re not on yet.

4:03 I cannot believe Tyra is actually simulating a snobby lunchroom to make fun of these band geeks. Oh wait, yeah I can.

4:04 “Hi, your name is Bethany? And you’re an outcast as well? … And you are religious? Tell everybody?”

4:06 Wow, we’ve got some popular girls here. That’s so convenient. Jerika “says she’s a popular girl in high school.” I wonder if those other three ostracize the fourth, who doesn’t wear a huge headband? IRONY ALERT: You’ve got a big thing on your head, Yasming!

4:07 Yeah, right, kids. Hannah Montana is really stupid but you love Glee. Actually wait, that is how I feel.

4:08 Okay, Slezak and I have to reluctantly admit that Tyra looks fantastic. OH MY GOD IT’S THE GLEE CAST, and they’re not gonna sit at the popular table.

4:09 Tyra just stood up; we sort of take that back.

4:12 Kevin McHale! Mark Salling! Chris Colfer! Cory Monteith! Huge high school geek looking glum in the background! Lea Michele! Amber Riley! Dianna Agron! Jenna Ushkowitz! Tyra.

4:13 “Ah” dare you not to sing along, says Ty-Ty’s v/o.

4:14 Artie, GOOD GOOD GOOD strategy. Tyra has a crush on Tyra, too!

4:15 “We’re getting the word out — he’s not wheelchair bound. But he does play a guy in a wheelchair on the show.” OH THANK YOU TYRA for the public service.

4:16 New major: “The-uh-tuh.” Look for it at zero colleges nationwide.

4:17 The jazzy blue TYRA logo in the left bottom corner looks like it should be on a bar of soap.

4:18 Uh oh! Tyra’s got the runs, imitating Amber Riley.

4:19 Amber just made it work, improvising after Tyra’s totally awkward slow clap.

4:23 “Puck me.” –EW office drop-in Tanner Stransky

4:25 Jenna Ushkowitz wanted to be a dolphin trainer because she thought she was a dolphin in a past life. Sure, why not?

4:26 Amber Riley owns over 100 pairs of shoes.

4:26 “Who never learned to ride a bike? OH MY GOSH? Who would just…die?” It’s Kevin McHale.

4:27 Who came to work with a hickey on his neck? Cory Monteith? No, TYRA FOOLED Y’ALL. She just made that up just now! Tyra is creative.

4:28 Commercial break. You really have to marvel at how Tyra manages to feign a really heavy accent for a foreign language that doesn’t even exist. The way she emphasizes some words? She’s alternately French, monster, idiot, Muppet, Russian? Maybe?

4:30 What are you guys eating? I’ll make like Tyra and just answer the question myself: Sunkist Fruit Gems.

4:32 Tyra totally wants to keep that trophy.

4:33 So this is a real glee club? Oh. Where’s Wheels? Shaft? Gay Kid? Asian? Other Asian? Aretha? (I spot a few.) Girl in pigtails wants to be the Rachel Berry.

4:35 Whoa, Tyra’s sitting in the audience, mingling with the plebes. Are you sure that’s safe?

4:36 Lea Michele has some major cleave going on — total hooter shirt! And with that makeup she looks exactly like Kara “The Terrible” DioGuardi.

4:37 Aw, these glee clubs are so nervous. This one’s singing “Mercy.” I really want Katee and Twitch to break out their door dance right now.

4:38 Oh god, that tall guy in the back was totally me in junior high show choir (at 1:20 of this Idolatry) — two heads above all the other nerds.


4:45 I guess it’s over. Gabourey Sidibe is talking to Tyra now. She looks great and is so bubbly. I need to see Precious. Not sure I need to see the rest of The Tyra Show

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The fourth season of Glee was full of ups and downs, but one consistent bright spot was Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, who stretched her wings…

Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox's campy musical.

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