If you thought you were a big Dr. Horrible fan, well, you’re in for a treat — and a dressing down. A treat because this full-length prequel, “Horrible Turn,” is stellar; and a dressing down because it’s fan-made. Yes, it’s true: This epic backstory isn’t technically part of the Official Whedon Oeuvre — in fact, no one involved had ever worked on a movie at all. Director Chance McClain tells us in an e-mail that he loved the original Dr. Horrible both for its music and “the renegade way Joss Whedon and company went about putting it out,” so he decided to take a stab at it himself. “I, and later [the whole crew], wanted to hone our movie-making skills and thought this would be a fun way to do it,” he explains.

Part one of ten!:

And renegade it was: McClain says the entire film was self-funded. “We probably should have put ‘tax refunds’ in the credits.”

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

The Houston-based crew had no film experience — “there was not a person that worked on the movie that had ever been in or worked on a movie before,” McClain, a program director at a sports radio station, says — but a lot of them are musicians or had musical theater backgrounds.

Part five:

Part six:

“I started writing at the beginning of March and the bulk of the music was recorded by the end of May. The movie was cast in June and filmed over 24 days in July and August. Editing was completed on October 9, just hours before we had a premiere at the historic River Oaks Theater in Houston,” McClain says.

Part seven:

Part eight:

Part nine:

“This was a maiden voyage for every person involved,” the director says. “We wanted to make something that honored Dr. Horrible and its fans.”

Part ten (bloopers):

I say mission accomplished. PopWatchers, do you agree?