Taylor Swift, Lindsay Price, and the ''Gossip Girl'' threesome made pop culture news this week


· Ha, ha, ha, la, la, la. Taylor Swift gets the last laugh.
· We’re totally in a good ”Bad Romance” with Lady Gaga’s new video.
· The prospect of a Voltaggio brothers showdown on Top Chef has our mouth watering.
· In Mad Men‘s season finale, Don Draper & Co. form the sexiest ad agency ever. Where should we send our résumés?
· The awesomely badass trailer for Angelina Jolie’s new thriller Salt.
· In our sitcom fantasies, Fat Barney from How I Met Your Mother marries Fat Monica from Friends.

· Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence to take drag skit ”Skank Robbers” to the big screen. What a terrible… Oh, who are we kidding? We’re so there.
· Joe Jackson wants a stipend from son’s estate. What part of YOU ARE NOT IN THE WILL did you not understand?
· Tay is leaving Rachel Zoe? We die… And not in a good way.
· Nicole Kidman to play a transgendered man married to Gwyneth Paltrow in The Danish Girl. Still not as gay as Moulin Rouge!.
· What could be lamer than the ”Gossip Girl” threesome?
· The ”Two and a Half Men” threesome.

· Post-Melrose, Ashlee Simpson heads to Broadway’s Chicago. Broadway now officially not speaking to Hollywood.
· Further proof Carrie Prejean is a pariah: Even her sex tape is solo.
· With Eastwick canceled, Bullseye fears Lindsay Price is taking over show-killer duties from Ted McGinley.
· Donald Trump gives Omarosa her own Bachelorette-type dating show. Sheesh, what did we ever do to him?
· Australian concertgoers upset to discover Britney Spears lip-synchs. Same people upset to discover Queen Latifah not actually royalty.