It’s Friday funday, PopWatchers, so it’s time to prep for your weekend. (T-minus seven hours until it officially begins!) EW’s Nicole Sperling rounded up the weekend’s movie offerings on our Hollywood Insider blog, and predicted that — is this a shocker? — Roland Emmerich’s end-of-days schlockfest will likely draw the most theater-goers this weekend and gather a stunning $65 million at the box office.

None of the other offerings of the weekend will likely be able to touch 2012‘s sure-to-be-huge box office haul, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you, our beloved PopWatch readers, are going to see the should-be-in-summer movie. A Christmas Carol, This Is It, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and Precious should all also be hot at the box office. What are you going to see? Let us know in our totally unofficial poll below! (And if what you’re seeing isn’t there, tell me about it in the comments!)

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