Ever say something and then kick yourself the moment it appears on the most popular blog with the words “Ausiello” and “Files” in it on the planet? No? Well, pay attention anyway. Eastwick exec producer Maggie Friedman — who earlier this week told me she was “furious” about the cancellation of her ABC dramedy — is regretting her choice of words. She just e-mailed me the following clarification:

“The other day, when we were discussing the cancellation of Eastwick, I misspoke in the worst possible way. The word ‘furious’ was poorly chosen by me. You had said to me that ‘the fans are understandably furious’ and so I agreed that I was too, but the truth is, I’m not. I see that word now in print attributed to me and it’s very painful, because it seems to imply I am angry with ABC and nothing could be further from the truth. They treated me really well. I am not the least bit furious, with anyone. That’s simply not the kind of person I am. Yes, I’m sad about the show being cancelled, because it was creatively fulfilling and tons of fun to make and an amazing group of people, but I’m not angry.”

Consider the record set straight.


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