Buried artfully in the last paragraph of a New York Times piece by Bill Carter about the paucity of women comedy writers on late-night talk shows in general, Merrill Markoe, who collaborated with David Letterman on the creation of his late-night show, and with him as a boyfriend, demonstrated the slyness for which she’s well-known.

Talking about the combination of a close working and personal relationship she once shared with the host, Markoe said, “I can remember a few times following him into the bathroom, postrehearsal, preshow, while he showered and got ready. I stood there, reading him lists of jokes or rewritten ideas for things to do on the show.”

Then she added, “I guess over the years there has been an assortment of other women who continue to have that sort of access to him. But from what I read, it doesn’t appear that their duties include reading him joke rewrites.”

I can almost hear the Anton Fig rim-shot drum-punctuation in that last line…