Tennis, drugs, Brooke Shields, blah blah blah. There was only one truly great revelation in Andre Agassi’s new memoir Open: An Autobiography: The tennis star’s famous tresses were actually a “weave system.” (Somewhere, Tyra Banks is cursing herself for not landing this interview.) “I was at a time in my life too where i was kind of in a bit hiding myself,” explained Agassi on Letterman last night. “What better way to hide yourself than to wear a mullet?” Wise words, Andre. Check out the clip below, in which Agassi bids adieu to his ‘do.

Weird as it may sound, Agassi’s candor kind of makes us feel like he shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about his hair. Just because I guy decides to wear a blond, highlighted, feathered, shoulder-length mullet wig with color-coordinated headband…Okay, let’s get real. That’s humiliating.