By Annie Barrett
Updated November 11, 2009 at 08:12 PM EST

During NBC’s four new promos for Saturday Night Live, January Jones says her own first name about 10 different ways, revealing skills much more advanced than her efforts at beer pong. Fred Armisen mocks her name because it’s unusual. The spot referencing Mad Men is my favorite, especially considering Armisen is real-life married to Jones’ MM costar Elisabeth Moss. Whoa, Moss cameo’d in Jon Hamm’s SNL a year ago…what if there was a Peggy/Betty reunion Saturday night? The characters barely interact on Mad Men, so if Moss does show up they should get into character but do something arbitrary like form a Scandanavian electro-pop duo on “Deep House Dish.”

Excited for January Jones to host this weekend? If we keep trying, can we break our “posts tagged with the Mad Men category” by 5 p.m.?