By Mandi Bierly
Updated November 11, 2009 at 06:05 PM EST
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The Twilight Saga: New Moon talk show takeover has begun. This morning, Wolf Pack member Alex Meraz stopped by Rachael Ray to surprise three teens who received Twilight makeovers courtesy of New Mooncostume designer Tish Monaghan. (As someone who always coveted her sister’s red hair, it made me die a little to see a redhead dye her hair black to look like Alice’s.)

The girls were happy to see Meraz, but didn’t go insane, presumably because he was clothed. “Shirtless, always,” Meraz told Ray when she asked about him recently being named People magazine’s Sexy Man of the Week. He was photographed in a pool. “As soon as I got Twilight, it’s like ‘Alright, don’t wear any clothes, just shorts, and you’ll be fine.'”

The 24-year-old proved quite the charmer. He told Ray that his wife, Kim, was more excited when he told her he was doing Rachael Ray than she’d been when he told her he’d gotten the role of Paul in New Moon. (Ray promised she would “trick Kim out” with even more cookware and cookbooks now. Well done, Alex.) He shared the meaning, “beautiful one,” of his 19-month-old son Somak’s name, and admitted that the child has a massive head that makes him carry himself like a drunk when he walks. (I would have liked to have seen that.) He also explained how the universe seemed to be in favor of his casting: He auditioned on his birthday, which had the “biggest full moon of the year,” and hawks kept circling around him for the two weeks afterward as he awaited his fate.

Relaxed, good-humored, and quick with a succinct, adequate anecdote, I give this appearance a B. Not something we’ll still be quoting in a year, but something solid that should get him booked on other shows where he can score with stories about the proper way to look like you’re about to turn into a werewolf on film.

Is Meraz the member of the Wolf Pack you expect to break out?

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