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Updated November 11, 2009 at 09:07 PM EST
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My Morning Jacket will appear as themselves on a November 22nd episode of American Dad, and bring with them songs like “I’m Amazed,” “Steam Engine,” and “Remnants.” The episode will be titled “My Morning Straightjacket,” and guest-star Zach Galifianakis as an MMJ superfan. And if the picture on the left is any indication, the episode will also totally be on drugs.

Somehow not surprisingly, this peculiar creative marriage is the result of the life-changing 4-hour show the Jackets played in the pouring rain at Bonnaroo ’08: American Dad co-creator Mike Barker was at that show (along with yours truly), and if he manages to somehow capture the manic energy of Galifianakis prancing around the stage in a Lil’ Orphan Annie dress while MMJ covers Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home,” he may have just penned the best episode of any television show, live or animated, in the history of the medium.

According to bassist Tom “Two-Tone Tommy” Blankenship, the band and Barker were drawn together by “mutual love and respect for one another. We’re all fans,” he says. MMJ got the chance to sit in on an American Dad table read several years back, and while in Los Angeles to play the Greek Theater and tape The Tonight Show last summer, they went in and did the voiceovers for their episode. “It was pretty wild,” Blankenship says. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be an animator, and then I thought it would be cool to do funny voices in a cartoon. But the actual work itself is not what I would have expected. It’s crazy trying to put forth emotion, get the cadence right, and do it really quickly but not too fast… there’s definitely an art to it.”

Meanwhile, although the Jackets are off exploring various side projects at the moment — Jim James with Monsters of Folk, Patrick Hallahan drumming for Dan Auerbach, Carl Broemel working on solo material — Blankenship says they’ll be getting together for a week or two in January, and then maybe again in March to plot the followup to 2008’s stupendous Evil Urges. “I think we’re just going to spend most of next year writing and recording,” he says. As for other TV shows Blankenship would like to be a part of? “If we could go back in time and do the Muppet Show, that would be awesome. Or I would totally do Sesame Street.”

What do you think of this unlikely combination, Mixers? Who’s gonna be tuning in?

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