I was introduced to Snow Patrol through Grey’s Anatomy (I sit at my computer during my favorite TV shows Googling lyrics because I can’t wait until the next day for the song list to post), and have since downloaded most of the songs on their greatest hits collection, which released this week. There are tons of gems on the Scottish/Irish rocker’s 30-track, two-CD complication, Up to Now, including three new songs. For anyone who likes to spend their days believing their life is a scene from a movie or television show (the world is so much more fun that way), it is a definite MUST.

But enough about that. What are YOU Musting over in the world of TV/music/books/movies/online? Submit your suggestions by Thursday at noon ET. Remember to tell us why you think your pick is awesome and to leave us your e-mail address (in case we put your pick in the magazine!).