When I was (confession) watching The City last night, I saw this promo for Jersey Shore, coming to MTV on Dec. 3. Should be just the thing to chase away the winter blues and pretend you’re drinking a Long Island Iced Tea in a horrible nightclub with sweaty meatheads.

In my own very brief visits to the Jersey Shore (Manasquan, Wildwood) I witnessed some hair-gelled, Red-Bull-and-vodka-slamming guys, but nothing near the level of idiocy seen in this teaser. MTV is promising a whole summer-share house full of the “hottest, tannest, craziest guidos.” Fists are pumping on the dancefloor and fists are flying as couples get into punchups.

Looks like deliciously trashy fun, right? Or are there any Jerseyites who want to defend their honor against these clichés?