As my colleague, Michael “The Awe-Inspiring” Ausiello has reported, the Kelsey Grammer sitcom Hank has been cancelled. Can’t say as I’m surprised: This was, unfortunately, a vehicle whose quality did not equal the talent of its star.

The question is, what should Grammer do next? The man clearly wants to work; he jumped from Back To You to Hank in the space of a season. Here are three ideas I have, plus a couple of things he shouldn’t do.

1. Sign up for a villain role in a cable drama; look what it’s done for John Lithgow on Dexter. I could totally see Grammer as a haughty bad-guy going head-to-head with Glenn Close on Damages, couldn’t you?

2. Think of doing a sci-fi or a period-piece. A man with Grammer’s radiant command of the screen and precise diction would be great in a down-and-dirty, Rome-style miniseries, or being the smart, cynical, middle-aged pro among a squad of young galactic explorers in a deep-mythology piece in the tradition of Battlestar Galactica.

3. Get a new behind-the-camera collaborator. Two good words here: Joss Whedon.

Here’s a couple of things I think Grammer should not do:

1. Another sitcom right away. The audience will love you if you give them a chance to miss you, Mr. Grammer.

2. For the love of god, don’t decide to host a talk show.

How about you? What do you think Kelsey Grammer’s next move should be?