Now that the World Series is last week’s news, Fox returns to its regularly scheduled programming, which means… new Glee! If you’d like a sneak peak at tonight’s episode, “Wheels,” check out the clip package below. What’s that? You need a little teaser about this teaser? Boy, are you demanding. Okay, it includes but is not limited to: a neat rendition of “Dancing with Myself” by Artie (who assumes the spotlight tonight), a semi-graphic off-the-record conversation between Sue and Jacob, and the build-up to a Wicked “diva-off” between Kurt and Rachel (“We all know I’m more popular than Rachel and I dress better than her, but I want you all to promise me that you’re going to vote for whoever sings the song better”).

Let’s hear it: How many of you will be watching tonight? Any predictions on who will win the diva-off?

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The fourth season of Glee was full of ups and downs, but one consistent bright spot was Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, who stretched her wings…

Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.

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