Everybody spent this episode of 90210 dealing with that old dramatic standby, parental baggage. The problem? They’ve never quite managed to integrate the adults into the action as seamlessly as some other teen dramas do (and even Gossip Girl struggles sometimes) — this week’s made some strides with some parental story lines but got a little snoozy with others.

It was, unfortunately, a case of the latter when it came to Dixon and Deb Wilson. I’ve loved that the fake-pregnancy story line has brought Mama Wilson back into the fold, but I’m just not invested enough in the mom/son relationship here in the first place to care now. It was all melodramatics. She came clean to him about knowing Sasha had engineered the whole knocked-up thing and explained, “I didn’t want you to get your heart broken and not trust women again.” His answer (of course): “Now I know one woman I don’t trust.” Later, after a yelling fight, he even hit Dad with this one: “Whatever. It’s not like she’s my real mom.” Tristan Wilds and Lori Laughlin deserve better! The Wire! Full House!

Even Jasper the drug dealer was dealing in his own daddy stuff a bit, telling Annie how thrilled he was that his producer father loved the big movie these two crazy kids have been working on. (I’m waiting for this thing to show up in its entirety online, CW!) He even got her an audition for a small part in Dad’s new Shia LaBoeuf movie! Jasper’s got bigger problems, though: Namely, Navid — after witnessing him selling drugs to Adriana — is about to use the journalistic power of The Blaze to take him down. (Never underestimate the reporting powers of Rumer Willis, I say.) But, hey, Jasper’s a multitasker, and while avoiding the press, he also managed to storyboard Annie’s drowning death and also take her virginity. (Remember the olden days, when virginity loss was an entire Very Special Episode? One that didn’t involve storyboarded deaths?)

As much as I’ve resisted the Jackie cancer storyline — its seriousness felt a little weighty for our little wisp of a bitchfest here — it provided some nice moments here. I thought Teddy was going to serve strictly as a troublemaker when he first showed up at West Bev, all buff and 30-something-looking, but what a nice surprise support system he’s become for Silver. He played cards and listened to music with Jackie! He offered to go pick up medical records! I liked him as a force for evil, but I actually like him better as a force for good — go figure. What’ll be even more interesting is if he eventually acts on the genuine sparks he has with Silver, and is suddenly interested in the relationship he swore he wasn’t with Adriana. Meanwhile, he even helped Jackie set up an elaborate mother-daughter half-birthday celebration for Silver, with each room containing a separate themed party she’d wanted as a kid but didn’t get (astronaut party, camping party, ’80s party). Kinda wacky, kinda adorable. Do these 90210ers love an odd grand gesture, or what? (See also: Adriana serenading Navid last week.) But when Silver awoke in the tent with Mom the next morning, Jackie wouldn’t wake up — and now I’m really worried for Jackie, and sad that Silver won’t get her friends’ half-birthday party. (Though, of course, the Mom one was far more important.)

It also appears we’re finally inching in on a resolution of the Jen-Liam-Naomi mess. And I gotta say: I like this little Liam-Dixon-Teddy-Ivy surfer friendship circle that has developed. After bottling up his anger all episode, Liam finally talked about his feelings (awww) to his friends — and spilled the whole Jen secret. (“That super-hot Amazon chick from the NERD party?” Teddy asked.) Then they vowed to work together to take her down, which sounds a little like a Gossip Girl plot, but ended with the all-for-one declaration: “It’s not how you’re gonna do it. It’s how we’re gonna do it.”

Please, please, just do it already! What did you think, PopWatchers? What’s Jasper up to? What better storyline can we get for Dixon? Will Silver and Teddy get together? What will the Fearless Foursome do to take down Jen?

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