Woah: Everyone’s favorite paternal Twitter feed, S— My Dad Says, is being turned into a CBS sitcom. That…seems about right? This is already a CBS sitcom. There’s the Odd Couple-esque pairing, a built-in family appeal, and a character who says things like “Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don’t realize until later that it’s because it f—ed you,” which is both wise and hilarious.

The leap from Twitter to TV’s a big one, but if there’s any feed that’s right for it, it’s SMDS. The logline writes itself: “Dotcom humorist turned ladmag writer moves back home to get away from city life; reconnects with foul-mouthed dad.” Tada! (SMDS writer Justin Halpern founded the site Holy Taco back in the day, and now he writes for Maxim, according to the LA Times.) It seems like a natural fit to me — doesn’t every sitcom wring humor from the parent/child dynamic?

Count me in, PopWatchers. Would you watch a show based on Shizz My Dad Says?