I need to admit something: I have watched Lady Gaga’s video for “Bad Romance” five times in a row now and I have no intention of stopping. That felt good. Thanks for being there for me, Music Mix-ers. I really feel your support.

But honestly this video is AHHHHHMAZING. There are more wardrobe changes than a Mariah Carey-episode of Cribs. The choreography incorporates elements of “Thriller” and the Twist(!). And I don’t think Gaga has ever looked prettier than in the close-ups where she’s more stripped down. On the flip side, I love those crazy dilated pupils she sports for much of the video.

“Paparazzi” used to be my favorite Lady Gaga video, but I think “Bad Romance” now takes the title.

What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Is this another masterpiece from Gaga? Or do you (blasphemy!) prefer the word “mess”?

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