By Margaret Lyons
Updated November 10, 2009 at 10:19 PM EST

Today’s date, by American convention, is a countdown, and I for once chose to recognize the occasion with an afternoon of YouTube spelunking in search of awesome, or at least hilarious, covers of “Final Countdown.” Hoooly moly, did I ever find some good ones. Let’s start with the obvious classic:

Which is barely the tip of the iceberg….

Arrested Development, of course:

Which was awesomely recreated by Australian “illusionist”:

There’s this round-up of 20 other covers:

This Scottish trio:

A high school marching band in Ohio:

Michigan’s marching band mashed it up with “Enter Sandman”:

Okay, fine, one more marching band:

And some sixth-graders:

And for our grand finale, a nine-year-old rocking out on violin: