The Great CSI Crossover That William Petersen Never Would Have Agreed To started last night, as CSI‘s Laurence Fishburne went to CSI: Miami to watch David Caruso do his sunglasses-and-murmur thing up real close.

Fishburne’s Ray Langston didn’t show up until almost mid-way through the hour, but by the three-quarter mark, he had already adopted Horatio Caine’s low-volume, no-contractions, pregnant-pause style:

“Horatio, I am not leaving until we solve this thing,” said Langston.

Horatio moved in close, facing Ray sideways, as he does with all human contact. “And that,” he said, taking a pause during which Jay Leno could have delivered an entire monologue, “… is good news.”

The overarching crime case involves a nationwide human-trafficking ring that coerces young women into prostitution and then sometimes kills them. Langston was called in from Las Vegas when a victim from that city turned up in Miami.

Upon greeting Langston, Caine says Ray should say hello to Catherine Willows for him: “Tell her when you see her that I’m sorry about Warrick Brown.”

Jeez, for such a caring cop, Horatio is awfully slow in writing sympathy cards, isn’t he? Didn’t Warrick die about two years ago?

These little attempts to tie the franchises together were strained, but maybe fans of Miami didn’t mind. Me, I watch the original CSI, but Miami has dropped off my radar: Too much orange in every sun-dappled scene, too much moss growing on David Caruso’s dialogue before he delivers it.

What did you think, CSI viewers? Will you be following Fishburne’s Langston as he moves on to CSI: NY tomorrow night?