Attention Glambert Nation: Word on the Net is the American Idol runner-up sees marquee lights in his future. According to the website Showbiz Spy, Lambert has expressed a desire to act, a passion he’s pursued in the past (his rep would not comment).

It seems a fitting goal, considering the singer’s flair for the dramatic. But as we’ve seen with previous Idol contestants, competition show stardom doesn’t always translate into Jennifer Hudson-esque big-screen stardom. (Even a proud owner of From Justin to Kelly like myself will admit that.) Even Idol season 5’s Kevin Covais — a.k.a. “Chicken Little” — has found little work after his relatively impressive turn in 2008’s College. Singers who haven’t been discovered by Simon Cowell have similarly suffered setbacks trying to flex their acting chops. Just ask Prince, Britney, and Jessica.

That being said, I hardly think Lambert will follow in that trio’s footsteps. After all, the singer was able to portray a startling range of emotions in just 90 seconds while performing on the Idol stage. (Hello, “Mad World!”) So if he were to pursue this acting career, how should he do it? Broadway seems too obvious, so I suggest he start with a glitzy, music-inspired, crowd-pleasing film like Burlesque. (Considering it stars other show-stoppers like Christina Aguilera and Cher, it’s surprising that Lambert hasn’t landed at least a walk-on role.) And seriously, what mom wouldn’t buy tickets to a fun drama-concert film hybrid starring Adam Lambert?

Would you be happy to see Lambert on the big-screen, PopWatchers? And if so, how should he jumpstart his acting career?

Photo Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos