Lionsgate has released the teaser for Tyler Perry’s sequel to his 2007 hit, Why Did I Get Married? and it weirdly looks like a horror movie. The original group of squabbling couples are back, including Jill Scott and Janet Jackson, but it appears the drama has been amped up by the exotic locale and fairly intense tagline: “One. Of. These. Couples. Will Not. Make It.” Is there a killer on the loose? Or just someone being really cranky? Hard to tell. It all kinda reminded me of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer in which Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy took a lovely vacay down to the Bahamas and were stalked by a hook-wielding killer during a hurricane. I’m guessing there’s no serial killer fishermen in Perry’s flick (or evil karaoke and dangerous tanning beds!) but Jackson does look bizarrely wet at the end of the teaser so maybe there’s a tropical storm!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Am I crazy? Will you see Tyler Perry’s latest flick?