Nielsen’s has released Week 5 and fall season-to-date rankings for DVR playback viewership. Some noteworthy points: For the week of Oct. 19-25, the following shows cracked the Top 20 of the DVR total-viewership ranking but not the Top 20 for live viewing: ABC’s Private Practice, Flash Forward, Castle, Modern Family, and Brothers & Sisters, NBC’s The Office, Heroes, and 30 Rock, and Fox’s Glee. Four of the top eight DVR’d shows for Week 5 were hour-longs from ABC. The CW is the network which consistently boasts the biggest percent differences between live and DVR viewership for shows like Smallville, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Melrose Place; Fringe and Dollhouse also perform very well in this regard for Fox.

After the jump, the Top 25 shows by total average DVR viewership (data reflects the fall season so far, from Sept. 21-Oct. 25)…

1. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

2. The Office (NBC)

3. Criminal Minds (CBS)

4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

5. Private Practice (ABC)

6. Flash Forward (ABC)


8. Desperate Housewives (ABC)

9. Glee (Fox)

10. CSI: Miami (CBS)

11. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

12. Castle (ABC)

13. The Good Wife (CBS)

14. Modern Family (ABC)

15. CSI: NY (CBS)

16. House (Fox)

17. Heroes (NBC)

18. Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

19. 30 Rock (NBC)

20. Law & Order (NBC)

21. Numb3rs (CBS)

22. Cougar Town (ABC)

23. The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

24. Medium (CBS)

25. Survivor: Samoa (CBS)