Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Yesterday, on his Watching TV blog, Ken Tucker noted with surprise that he found the Taylor Swift-hosted Saturday Night Live the show’s best episode of the season. Commenters’ reactions were truly a mixed bag. Some, like lei, loved Swift’s performance (“[She’s] the female Justin Timberlake of SNL – have her on often and it’s a must watch”), while just as many reacted with outrage (Jonathan Juarbe: “She was horrendous and utterly painful to watch, oh and her voice…how is she making money!”). I thought Swift did an okay job — her awkward Kate Gosselin impression was actually spot-on (though I hate that I know that), and her Shakira bit made me giggle.

One thing most people do seem to agree on is that SNL‘s fall season in general has been pretty bad. So who do you want to see host the show, after January Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have their turns this month? We’re thinking Mo’Nique, riding what’s sure to be a still-swelling buzz wave from Precious, would be a great choice. And Katey Sagal, who’s excellent on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, could be hilarious and a refreshing change from baby starlets like Swfit and Megan Fox. If NBC could stand the cross-promotional effect, I’d like to see Courteney Cox from Cougar Town or the very funny Julie Bowen or lesser-known Ty Burrell from Modern Family. Mark Harmon deserves another shot — he hosted once in 1987 (with Suzanne Vega!) and millions of people are obsessed with NCIS. Finally, Zach Galifianakis could offer the youth appeal I know SNL is going for, and has Up in the Air coming out on Christmas day… Leave your picks in the comments!

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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