Robin Wright seems exhilarated about starting over, both personally and professionally. In recent months, the actress has overhauled just about every aspect of her life, from throwing herself into her work again (she stars in Disney’s A Christmas Carol and the upcoming The Private Lives of Pippa Lee) to divorcing Sean Penn after a tumultuous 20-year marriage. She also recently moved back to Southern California (with kids Dylan, 18, and Hopper, 16) after spending 12 years in the San Francisco area. “I didn’t want to raise my kids in this weird, sycophantic society,” Wright says, referring to Hollywood. “If you have celebrity parents, it’s not a good recipe for the kids, or anyone at any age. Look at what Brad and Angelina go through.”

Wright’s face darkens when asked about her divorce from Penn. “I don’t want to talk about it in great detail because it will all be reflected back to him, and I’m not interested in sharing that with people,” she says. “I have no regrets. I have two wonderful kids, and when I’m asked ‘Why did you leave?’ I guess, it was just ‘I’m going over here now.'” She takes a breather to gaze out at the Pacific and adds her last two words on the subject: “New book.”

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Photo Credit: Pixplanete/PR Photos