Credit: Kimberley French

Sometimes it’s hard to be a celebrity. November 2009 is one of them. Chances are, stars will, at some point this month, be asked if they’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob. I myself asked The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder to enter the debate recently during a Pop Culture Personality Test interview (so totally legit line of questioning!), and having never read the books or seen the first film, he was unable to choose a side. I can appreciate that someone wouldn’t want to judge what he or she has not seen, however fluffy that something is, but if I were a publicist, I’d be telling my clients to have an answer at the ready regardless. You’ll get ink even if you’re undecided: “Edward Cullen — I would write a love song to him,” Demi Lovato told MTV News, before adding, “Or Jacob Black!” (Ditto, if you’re arguably the least popular Backstreet Boy: AJ McLean is Team Edward. I like him more now for playing.)

It’s also important that you, PopWatch readers, answer the question in the poll below. We want to see if Team Jacob gains members after The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters, and to do that, we need you to vote before the Nov. 20 release, and after (look for a second poll after opening weekend). The important fact-finding mission begins… now.

Photo credit: Kimberley French