Two months ago, Kenny Chesney broke it to EW that he would not be touring in the summer of 2010. Which makes the news that he’ll be releasing a concert film, Summer in 3-D, in select theaters in April, happy news for his fans. A rep for Chesney tells EW’s Whitney Pastorek, who’s taking in today’s rehearsal for Wednesday’s CMA Awards, that the four-time Entertainer of the Year shot the film in five cities over six nights, and that he was going to go watch a cut of the film right after his run-through (which is why he had no time to answer the question I’d given Whitney: How many spilled drinks will we be seeing?). Pastorek saw some footage when she was backstage with Chesney for an EW feature last summer, and confirms it looks “awesome.”

Even if you prefer Keith Urban’s live show, you know this is a great idea. Chesney’s fans are loyal. He defines summer, and this movie will get them in the mood for it. He’s so energetic, he routinely sweats through his sleeveless shirt by the end of the first song. And in this economy, when you can’t drop serious cash on concert tickets or justify spending dough on a man you’ve seen every summer for five years, a movie ticket is doable. (Plus, you can smuggle in your beverages — not that we’re endorsing that — instead of paying stadium prices.)

Will the Chesney concert experience be the same in the movie theater? (Drive-ins would be ideal, in my opinion, if designated drivers were also provided.) Which part of Chesney’s act do you most look forward to seeing in 3-D?