Last night’s Bored to Death was a laugh riot as usual, but to my utter shock, my favorite scene had nary a Ted Danson in sight! I’m digging new Saturday Night Live cast member (and utterer of memorable f-bomb) Jenny Slate as Stella, a perfect love/like interest for Jason Schwartzman’s Jonathan. On Sunday’s episode, “Take a Dive,” Stella lured Jonathan away from the blank Word document on his pretty Apple laptop to get stoned with him and play Nerf basketball. They were so out of it that after tumbling onto the floor post-misguided Jason Schwartzman “dunk” attempt, physical pain was out of the question. And yet he still asked her, while wriggling underneath her body, “Are you okay?” “I’m fine!” she snapped, limbs flailing. “WHERE’S THE BALL?” I love when characters engage in silly non-dates like this. Schwartzman’s and Slate’s two scenes alone gave me a better idea of them as a potential couple than most deliberately romantic moments we typically see on TV. And the two are clearly made for each other. “She’s sexy as hell, smart, Jewish, has a great vaporizer,” raved Jonathan to Ray (Zach Galifianakis). “Sounds like your mother,” Ray shot back.

The point is, I’m sad that Stella breezed out of the episode with a lame excuse about a urinary tract infection and the vague promise of seeing Jonathan again after a week. I’m sure Slate’s busy with SNL, but I for one would like her back on Bored to Death. Anyone else?

Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi

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