How many reimaginings/remakes/reboots of A Christmas Carol is too many? For me, it’s all been a matter of diminishing returns since Vanessa (L. Yeah) Williams cut an extra-glamorous yuletide picture in VH1’s 2000 classic A Diva’s Christmas Carol, but maybe that makes me crazy. (Possibly.) Seriously, though, after learning that Disney’s new Jim Carrey-led Carol reigned over the weekend box office (to the tune of $31 million), I was starting to think I was the only person in America who thought the film’s trailer made it the most unappealing cineplex prospect since that other Robert Zemeckis holiday movie that I think was called The Nightmare Before Reanimated Tom Hanks Face and Also a Train. But then my friend/special PopWatch correspondent Drew sent me a photo of a defaced Christmas Carol poster from a subway stop in Manhattan, and I realized: I AM NOT ALONE. Who else is alternately bored by the prospect of yet another take on Ebenezer Scrooge, then horrified by the image of old-man Carrey skyward-bound on a makeshift rocket? Or, like EW’s movie critic Owen Gleiberman, did you actually see A Christmas Carol and find it delightful? (For the record, Owen gave it an A!)