Could Aerosmith follow in the footsteps of Journey, Van Halen, and Styx to become the latest American rock band to lose its lead singer? Last Wednesday, Tyler gave an interview to Classic Rock magazine, saying he was pulling out of the group’s upcoming South American tour, deciding to focus on solo projects instead. On Friday, the group’s guitarist, Joe Perry, told the Las Vegas Sun that Tyler had quit returning his phone calls. If Tyler does in fact leave (to develop “Brand Tyler,” as he put it to Classic Rock), the band is said to be considering whether to carry on with a new lead vocalist. It’s a risky move, since Tyler’s voice is certainly one of a kind. But then again, so is Steve Perry’s, and Journey managed to find an uncanny soundalike on YouTube. But which entity is likely to have the more viable post-split career? For the Aerosmith fans out there, would you be more likely to remain a bigger fan of the band (assuming a new singer had the necessary chops), or would you join Team Tyler instead? Or should we all hold out hope that they’ll reconcile? It’s clear that their off-stage strife hasn’t ruined their live shows…yet.