Gordana gave us some of the best sound bites of the season. “If you give me a sheep, I’ll make you a sweater.” “When you grow up eating with a spoon, you don’t think of making business out of that spoon.” “She would have completely, as they day, thrown me on [sic] the bus.” “I’ll kick your ass!”

Our Lady of Spoons amused me and sometimes confused me, but I always enjoyed seeing her pop up on my television each week. Alas, her time on Project Runway came to an end in the final challenge before Bryant Park. And as she explained during her visit to the EW offices for Project Runway Talk the morning after her swan song, she was heartbroken to get so close to New York Fashion Week and not even show a decoy collection. In all, Gordana proved to be a most awesome PRT guest. She dished on preposterous judging (of course Nina doesn’t get who Gordana is as a designer — she was absent half the season!), fearing the wrath of the judges (flashbacks to Heidi’s angry mug still haunt her), and how Irina might have shot herself in the foot by playing the meanie card. I hope you enjoy her as much as Dalton and I did. See you back here after the November 19 finale for interviews with Carol Hannah, Althea, and Irina.

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