By Annie Barrett
Updated November 07, 2009 at 07:06 PM EST

Singer Susan Boyle will appear on Dancing With the Stars this week to perform material from I Dreamed a Dream, out Nov. 24. But that’s not all! According to, the reluctant money-spender bought a three-piece sofa and recliner for her home in Blackburn, Scotland, plus a new refrigerator. She went with burgundy leather for the furniture. I’m a little annoyed she didn’t consult with EW first, because I would have suggested a custom-made set upholstered in Dancing With the Stars‘ signature “vomiting purple disco balls” kaleidoscope pattern (pictured), which happens to be a close approximation of the Britain’s Got Talent backdrop but with more sparkle. Should she have gone snazzier?

Musical guests are often pre-taped, so it remains to be seen whether Boyle will be face-to-face with season 9 contestant Kelly Osbourne or her mother, a frequent front-row audience member. Last week, Sharon Osbourne insulted Boyle’s physical appearance on the Opie & Anthony radio show. Will Boyle’s appearance get you to watch a Dancing With the Stars results show?

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