It’s bad enough getting blindsided by your own tribe, but then Survivor: Samoa‘s Erik Cardona suffered the ultimate indignity when he found himself the unwitting victim of an unreciprocated high five! The ousted contestant joins us as we relive every single nanosecond of the humiliating exchange—frame by excruciating frame. Erik also answers other Survivor mysteries like: Why was he always so angry at Foa Foa? Where’s his Hidden Immunity Idol? And why did he insist on taking a loaded pistol and shooting himself in the foot? Not only that, but one of your dear Survivor Talk hosts is leaving the proverbial island…forever! Just click on the video below and stay tuned to the very end for the shocking announcement. And, if you want Survivor scoop and other pop culture news and views sent right to your virtual door, you can follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. We’ll be Twitterpated!