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Yesterday, provoked by Taylor Swift and Kristen Wiig’s Penelope-esque promo, we asked for your sketch ideas for Swift. I’m with NatAttack, who wrote: “I feel it’s time for SNL to parody one of the greatest online parodies of our time: Stuff White People Like. Surely Taylor Swift belongs near the top of that list. (Love her/music but it’s true!) Some kind of pageant that pits the things white people love against each other would be grand in my book. Put Andy Sandburg in charge — I’m pretty sure he belongs on that list too.” Nic‘s idea could definitely work, too: “They should confront her and ask if she’s ever even seen Romeo and Juliet (since they obviously don’t end happily ever after). Then she can get all sorts of other plays/movies wrong. She could sing about Old Yeller living forever!” More of your good suggestions, below! It’s a good thing Kanye West won’t be there tonight, because none of you wanna see it…

Sam: What if they took two old ideas and made them into a new one? For instance, they could play Taylor up as Palin and Kanye as McCain. She would say, “Hey, you did a real good job, and I’ll let you finish your campaign, but in 2012, I’m going to be the best candidate ever!” It would fit in with the out-dated drivel SNL is pouring out these days, and it would actually be funny.

Meredith: Obama bringing Taylor and Kanye together for a Beer Summit…meh…..sounds like something SNL would do, only it really wouldn’t be funny….PERFECT!

Ceballos: I don’t see how they can make a (predictable) Kanye homage work. I’m just talking about the logistics of the thing. Kenan Thompson is the only black male cast member – I guess he could be Kanye, if Kanye’s been sitting around his couch eating potato chips for the last few months. (Followup from vja: A SNL prayer: “oh God in heaven please don’t subject us to Keenan Thompson as Kanye West this weekend. Thank you.”)

Dwight: They shouldn’t do a Kanye Skit. What they should do is this: Taylor goes out on the open and starts talking. About 30 seconds in one of the castmates comes out and takes the mic from her and starts talking about how Miley Cyrus deserved to be the host then another castmate comes out and takes the mic and says that Carrie Underwood should have been the host, lastly Kanye comes up takes the mic from that castmate and says there is only one person that deserves to be the host and hands the mic back to Taylor Swift and they hug. Then there should be no other Kanye-esque skits the rest of the show.

Shannon: A Kanye sighting won’t (and shouldn’t) happen, but what about a Taylor Lautner sighting? SNL has a trend of welcoming cameos from the hosts’ significant others. I’d also prefer this didn’t happen. Anything involving Bill Hader will work for me.

Mac: How about a visit from her BFF Miley Cyrus? Or better yet, Taylor Lautner. A fake audition for New Moon could be the set up (seeing as there seemed to be a celeb rush to be cast in it). Instead of a sexy vampire, however, she’s offered a role as a less-than-sexy werewolf. Besides, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart impressions could be funny if done right.

Emma: Miley look-a-like dressed in Taylor’s favorite look: the princess ball gown. Taylor dressed in Miley’s short-shorts and cowboy boots. Then they lip-sync their songs.

Rebecca: I’d like a sketch to show someone calling her out on her songs. Have you noticed all her songs are about how she wants a boy but can’t be with him? She’s Taylor Swift, I’m pretty sure she can be with whoever she wants.

Lindsay: I think it would be AMAZING if Taylor played an employee being trained by Kristen Wiig’s crazy Target Lady…

will: When Taylor was on Jimmy Fallon she says she does impressions…and Jimmy mentioned something like her doing Kate Gosselin…for some reason I really want to see that happen.

Bee: I would really love to see her impressions, as well as a digital short with Andy Sandberg. Afterall, her “Thug Story” bit was hi-larious. I’d love to see an update on Kristen Wiig’s Gilly character.. she could play someone more evil than Gilly..but since they just did that with Drew Barrymore I doubt it’s gonna happen. I like Gilly far more than Penelope, and there’s a lot more potential there.

Lisa: She should do a skit with her posing with that swastika boy. Hader can be the boy with the swastika painted on his shirt and Taylor can be kissing and hugging him.

elena: Hmmm, what if Taylor Swift parodied that Keenan sketch with the criminal who knocks sense into teens through movie plots? Role reversals are always hilarious, and seeing Swift with grills would be aah-mazing!

Kate: Taylor at a hockey game ’cause she told Ellen how she “loves Hockey” but she’s like all competitive and really rowdy, and she’s on a date with a boyfriend and he’s cheering for the opposite team and their like yelling at each other.

@BoxOfficeJunkie: Taylor Swift plays Bella Swan. People laugh, Taylor Lautner cameos, rumors fly, & SNL gets the attention (and ratings) it needs.

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